Homestead, Florida — October 4, 2021

The Rugby Foundation (TRF) partnered with Troop 418 of the Southern Florida Council Boy Scouts of America – Homestead on their Cub Fun Day on Saturday where 100s of youth ages 5-12 participated in many scout activities along with flag/touch rugby. Several of the pack leaders, some of whom played over the years expressed their own excitement to have their boys and girls playing the game of rugby.

Jason Nimark, Scoutmaster Troop 418 stated, ’We would like to thank The Rugby Foundation for your support and willingness to introduce the world to rugby and to our youth, especially scouts. Just like the leadership and character traits we are trying to teach, rugby gives our scouts a chance to exercise, build self-esteem, make decision, take on leadership roles, interact socially, build confidence and more. Scouting and rugby are a great match with common goals.” 

The CEO and Co-Founder of TRF, Phil Klevorick stated, “This  was our Scouts Kickstarter event and it was amazing to see the young boys and girls smiling and having fun in the game we love ourselves. Several of the senior Troop 418 members also stepped up to not only help with organization but also to help coach and run some of the drills and games. I am so proud of this partnership and to award The Spirit of Rugby Award to Troop 418 for their efforts of organization, facilitating and supporting the inclusion of rugby into their Cub Fun Day.”

The Spirit of Rugby Award is an award presented to an individual or group who helps foster the ‘spirit of rugby’ either on or off the pitch while presenting the ethos of rugby along with leadership and mentorship. The members of Troop 418 displayed these personal characteristics and values, and we would like to acknowledge their contribution of “Helping Grow the Game Globally’.

The Rugby Foundation (TRF) is an U.S. IRS 501(3) compliant charity with four primary pillars using various platforms to increase engagement and success such as several education systems, mentorship, mental and physical health, Esports and other positive efforts globally:

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