Rugby Executive Advisory and Leadership

The Rugby Executive Advisory Leadership (REAL) Board is a functional board of technical sub-committee representatives. The REAL Board objectives are to provide guidance to both the Executive Director and the Executive Board with direction on programs, initiatives and any other suggestion that benefits the community and follows the expectations of the inclusionary Mission of The Rugby Foundation.

Many dynamics require strong focused efforts that focus upon our four pillars and internationally benefitting as many cultures and communities as possible. Each sub-committee is made up of people with rugby backgrounds as well as those those who may not, thereby increasing the potential for participation and expertise in a specific field. The expectation of each sub-committee is:

  1. Meet at least once a quarter (virtually) and focus upon action items and deliverables.
  2. identify key roles and responsibilities across the Americas.
  3. Evaluate opportunities including costs, limitations and timing to both the Executive Board and Executive Director.
  4. Look for opportunities to work with others both internally and externally to maximize outcomes and reduce risk.
  5. Receive direction from the Executive Director as needed.

Sub-committee chairs shall be determined internally by those who are active within the designated sub-committee. A member may sit on a maximum of two sub-committees at any given time but may only Chair one committee. There is no requirement to be physically located in any jurisdiction in the Americas and special consideration will be provided to any person seeking a role on a committee who may be located outside of this region. 

There are no term limits on any sub-committee member but it is expected they do commit to a minimum of two years.

No maximum membership on each sub-committee and diversity and inclusion is a key value by all. A member must be over the age of 18 unless parental approval is provided for internships and work experience opportunities. 

If anyone wishes to volunteer for any of these Committees, please contact The Rugby Foundation expressing your interest.

Thank you.