The Rugby Foundation (TRF) will be using education-focused programs through the sport of rugby for all of our pillars while structured differently depending upon many factors including age, experience, support and environment. Our focus is upon the ethos of rugby being incorporated into all of our programs. These ethos (Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Passion and Solidarity) and leadership traits are what form the vision and underlying focus within all of our programs.

The Foundation’s youth development program will be utilizing non-contact co-ed rugby (flag or touch) as an introduction through after school and semester break initiatives. Our local and national partnerships with local rugby organizations as well as the community service providers will help ensure pathways to success. Bringing in community leaders to provide mentorships as well as leading our programs will challenge the youth to make better life choices by implementing rugby ethos into their personal lives. Our annual youth rugby tournament(s) will also support community service directives through volunteerism with local partnerships and sponsors.  

The women’s focused development pathway look to create success pathways for women in sports across America. Led by successful women both within sport as well as outside sports, they use their vast experiences to support and mentor to succeed in today’s challenging environment. With young women getting involved in sports in varying roles and capacities such as players, coaches or administrators, The Foundation looks to support their futures. We have capabilities in other specific roles that few focused sports foundations may provide that may include event organization and management, clothing design, IT, education, training, strength and conditioning, marketing and business development with top-level leaders within our community.

With the adaptive sports support program, TRF looks to support our community partners with logistical needs to grow the game of rugby that becomes inclusive in nature. Evaluating and creating programs that meet the needs of athletes as well as in compliance with governance. We look to continue supporting all american initiatives around the sport of rugby union by all including training, education and development opportunities in areas such as match officials, technical-zone managers and other administration roles.

We support the entire uniformed services communities, both military and domestic first responders branches, including all convalescent programs like wounded warriors, the Gary Senise foundation and all forms of adaptive sports

The uniformed service initiative is focused upon supporting our past and present military, police (LEOs), fire and EMS personnel who have and are sacrificing so much to ensure our community values are maintained. Our Salute 2 Service (S2S) Annual Rugby Tournament hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada provides a conduit for men and women to build their own support networks through rugby and friendships but also expanding their own circles of influence. Monies raised through this unique annual event will be used in part to support our military in Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), Carrier Groups, The American National Police, EMS and Fire Teams – all while encouraging high personal development and leadership. The S2S tournament objectives include the annual American First Responder Championship as well as the Women’s Military 7S Championship. There will be international teams attending via invitation only.

The LEOs and Fire/EMS programs objectives include:

  1. Creation of first responder teams in communities for both men and women; 
  2. Provide training for coaches and match officials
  3. Coordinate and operate regional competitions that progress towards national championships for both men and women
  4. Support the national representative sides in international competitions