The Rugby Foundation announces Dr. John F. Drozd – Board Certified Medical Psychologist/Neuroscientist joins their strategic advisory board for mental health and wellness.

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. December 7, 2021 — The Rugby Foundation is honored to have Dr. Drozd joining our team to help player welfare with a focus on mental health

Recently, The Rugby Foundation announced a strategic partnership with Concussion Vital Signs (CVS) that will help assess baseline brain health for rugby players and all ages. Dr Drozd helped facilitate this partnership very quickly through his existing relationships.

Over the coming weeks, we will be putting together an operations and activation plan for participants to follow. Initiate the online testing and for follow-up as the participant desires. Dr. Drozd has significant demonstrated history in clinical research and healthcare in various fields that include academic, government and corporations. He is highly skilled in the fields of neurosciences, clinical research, clinical trial, digital health, psychology, and functional medicine.

Our Foundation efforts to help players with awareness as well as potential treatment pathways for any brain health is a major focus globally. The CVS partnership will open medical analysis to a much greater global community along with inclusionary vision for all that includes availability in multiple languages. Welcome aboard John!



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