Concussion Vital SignsPartners With The Rugby Foundation

on Brain Health and Concussion Awareness

Dubai, U.A.E December 2, 2021

The Rugby Foundations is extremely proud to announce our newest partnership with Concussion Vital Signs (CVS) with a brain health awareness iniative.

Our newest partnership with Concussion Vital Signs will truly help everyone in the rugby community with global support on identification of brain health along with continuous assessment in order to help identify any potential concussion with baseline analysis, followed up with future comparison in order to better understand what has become a career ending injury.

Cary Rogers, CVS Director and Member stated “the value of working with The Rugby Foundation and supporting rugby players ages 8-89 with their own brain health and awareness through their domestic and global reach is enormous.”

“CNS Vital Signs has a global presence having been deployed by clinicians in 50+ countries who are experts in dealing with head injury and concussion management.”

“Rugby is a contact sport with a very large global presence, this partnership will have immediate impact, especially in lesser-served communities and available in 60 languages.”

“Both Concussion Vital Signs (CVS) and CNS Vital Signs clinical battery feature the exact same 7 neuropsychological subtests. The key difference is the free platform for schools and associations, CVS, produces a simple one page scored baseline report whereas the CNSVS report is more granular and detailed in terms of cognitive domains measured and data points conveyed. CVS is normed for ages 8-25.”

Phil Klevorick -The CEO and Co-Founder of TRF stated.

“This partnership will have immediate positive impacts in the sport of rugby globally, especially helping provide a FREE medical service focused on the individual, whilst supporting them in knowing their baseline brain, and if desired, as they age so that they know and own their brain health data in case there is a Traumatic Brain Injury “(TBI).

“CVS professional network along with extensive medical partnerships globally will help with rapid deployment, especially supporting our youth.”

“The Rugby Foundation focuses much of their efforts on ways to make the game of rugby more inclusive, engaging and safer to play. Brain health is extremely important at all ages but probably none more impactful than our youth and young adults.”

More information will be forthcoming including how to get involved and to having your assessment conducted to you for free online. We will look to bring in-person programs and assessments at some of our events starting in 2022. Finally, we will be announcing a special appointment to our health advisory board with a Board Certified Clinician in the coming days.

For more information regarding the Concussion Vital Signs papers and reports for the past 2 decades, please visit their website at:



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