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29 September 2021 

The Rugby Centurions Foundation Partners With The Rugby Foundation Future Leadership Education Program Las Vegas, Nevada— September 29, 2021 — The Rugby Foundation is honored to  announce our newest strategic partnership with the Rugby Centurions Foundation. 

The Rugby Foundation (TRF) and the Rugby Centurions Foundation are announcing a  strategic partnership utilizing the Future Leaders education modules with an initial focus  upon teenagers ages 15-19 years of age. With these focused education modules, we will  be able to help identify and develop our future leaders while bringing rugby values to the  forefront within the individuals and our communities. 

Zoe Kemp, Head of Operations for The Rugby Centurions says, “There are tremendous  synergies between both organizations, especially building grassroots programs globally,  and we are excited about the opportunities to work with The Rugby Foundation. 

The Rugby Centurions Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates those  players who have won 100 International Test Caps or more for their country. As one  entity, the iconic players pledge to educate, motivate, and inspire the next generation.  The Foundation achieves this by helping young people develop essential leadership skills, enabling them to build a positive and productive future. 

The importance of leadership qualities in a young person’s life starts early and will be  deployed directly in future employment. Leadership skills help students to accept  challenges and solve problems in business environments and life experiences. 

We are both passionate about coming together and using sport for good in the  community and beyond.” 

The CEO and Co-Founder of TRF, Phil Klevorick stated, “Our European Ambassador,  Mike Mulroy, in our UK office, brought us this incredible opportunity to partner with The  Rugby Centurions Foundation. Working with a world-class organization along with elite  athletic achievers in the sport of rugby, will help us bring to light the commitment and 

dedication to achieve greatness with focused efforts. The opportunity to utilize and  potentially expand upon their Future Leaders online education platform and our desire to  help individuals identify their character and focus upon quality values often found in the  rugby ethos, will be a significant step forward in a unique education platform for our  teenagers.” 

Our objective at TRF is to make these education platforms available across the rugby  community as well as incorporating other opportunities with our other partnerships such  as The Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, school districts, Homeless Youth  Organizations, Youth Correction Facilities, PAL, etc. Helping develop some of the values of leadership with the anticipation of building confidence into the world  beyond rugby. Over the next month, we will be looking to open doors across the globe  with an initial focus on the Americas. 

For more information regarding the Rugby Centurions Foundation and Future Leaders,  please visit: and 

The Rugby Foundation (TRF) is an U.S. IRS 501(3) compliant charity with four primary  pillars using various platforms to increase engagement and success such as several  education systems, mentorship, mental and physical health, Esports and other positive  efforts globally: 

1) Youth rugby programs that use the sport of rugby to support the education of rugby  ethos and education programs. 

2) Women’s focused development pathways in sport. 

3) Adaptive sports programs including Paralympic Organizations and affiliates, and 4) Supporting health and wellness of our uniformed services personnel including  police, fire, EMS and military. For more information is available through The Rugby Foundation website. Please  visit: as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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