The Boy Scouts of America Partners With The Rugby Foundation For Youth Rugby Programs and Community Grassroots Efforts 

Las Vegas, Nevada— July 12, 2021 — The Rugby Foundation is excited to announce our newest strategic partnership with the Boy Scouts of America.

The Rugby Foundation (TRF) and the Boy Scouts of America are announcing a strategic activation partnership that will directly support both organizations efforts of building grassroot programs that are inclusionary as well as develop individual values and characteristics. Helping to provide growth opportunities of young persons such as match officiating, player pathways and soft skills that support positive decision outcomes across the entire community is within both of our vision statements.

Todd Walter, Scout Executive Las Vegas Area Council and ex rugby player expressed his overwhelming excitement for this activation. “In our focus on impacting youth and families across the valley, our intent is to maximize the utilization of our facilities. We are proud to announce this partnership with The Rugby Foundation as we build a flag and touch rugby youth league focused on character and leadership development through the principle of Rugby.” Todd also recognizes the rapid growth through their partners that would include municipalities and their community centers.

The CEO and Co-founder of The Rugby Foundation, Phil Klevorick stated, “An activation partnership with the Scouts is extremely exciting given their mission of inclusion and leadership development and when combined by their ability to scale programs, this partnership will help positively impact young lives through Rugby. When you have a partner such as the Scouts and recognize their mission, access to facilities, community-based programs, large participation and volunteer lists, this is a game-changer in the United States. With a large participation rate of girls and boys in their programs, this is extremely appealing to our inclusionary and Title IX efforts. Todd, also recognizing the potential growth of Rugby, is creating a part-time program facilitator based in Las Vegas to oversee this program activation and implementation. “

For more information regarding the Boy Scouts of America including opportunities, jobs, programs, engagement and other information may be found on their website:

The Rugby Foundation (TRF) is an U.S. IRS 501(3) compliant charity with four pillars using various platforms to increase engagement and success such as several education systems, mentorship, Esports and other positive efforts:1) Youth rugby programs that use the sport of rugby to support the education of rugby ethos and education programs.2) Women’s focused development pathways in sport.3) Adaptive sports programs including Paralympic Organizations and affiliates, and4) Supporting health and wellness of our uniformed services personnel including police, fire, EMS and military.

For more information is available through The Rugby Foundation website. Please visit:  as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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